Stop Veolia Seattle (SVS) formed in response to King County’s contract with French-based multinational corporation, Veolia, for the operation of Metro Access buses.  Veolia’s history of Union busting in Seattle, the inadequate service that Access provides to its users under the authority of Veolia, and Veolia’s dismal global track record have motivated communities around Seattle to urge King County to discontinue its contract with Veolia.

Because of Veolia’s role in global structures of inequality, as one of the largest privatizers of public services in the world, SVS sees Veolia as one window into understanding the larger interconnections of our struggles for economic and social justice both in our local communities and in solidarity with those in the Global South.

What could happen if our communities were truly in the habit of working together?

SVS is building relationships between local labor and disability justice communities, anti-corporatization, water & environmental justice, Palestine solidarity, and global anti-imperial movements. We want to connect global solidarity to local activism in ways that renew our energy, support our work, and nourish our activist communities.