Links for more information:

BDS Movement is the website of the Palestinian BDS National Committee (BNC), a wide coalition of the largest Palestinian organisations, trade unions, networks and NGOs.


Mondoweiss is a news website devoted to covering American foreign policy in the Middle East, chiefly from a progressive Jewish perspective.

Global Exchange

Global Exchange is an international human rights organization dedicated to promoting social, economic and environmental justice around the world.

LaborNet UK

LabourNet promotes computer communications as a medium for strengthening and building organised labour. We are in the forefront of using the resources of the internet to provide communications, news and information for the labour movement.

Students United for Palestinian Equal Rights (SUPER)

Students United for Palestinian Equal Rights is a student group at the University of Washington Dedicated to Equal Rights and Justice for the Palestinian People

Electronic Intifada

The Electronic Intifada (ei) is a not-for-profit, independent online publication which covers the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Transport Worker’s Solidarity Committee